The Enviriq model

Why do we do what we do? 

Today, most charity organizations provide themselves through donations from individuals as well as companies.

We experience that the companies donating money in Sweden are too few. We believe that the biggest reason for this is its costs. Unfortunately, it is that simple.

Today, there are many business owners who believe it isn't profitable to integrate charity into their business idea. We believe quite the opposite. In other words, we try to, from an entrepreneurial point of view, test the ancient proverb: "What you give is what you get".

If we can become profitable by giving parts of our profit to others, then maybe more companies will follow in our footsteps. It will make a difference for people in the future. And that's why we go to work every day. 

How do we do it?

The basis of the Enviriq model is that the company gives money to get money.

That is the main principle and hypothesis that we as entrepreneurs are giving a try. Is it possible to create a systematic and sustainable flow? Is it possible to have a stable strategy that includes charity to make a company grow, rather than disrupting the company's profitability?

Invest in the staff 

We believe the first key is to recruit the best people in the business and to build a strong team of co-workers. People seek us out because they are the best at what they do, and because they want to help with the model. A company is nothing else than a group of people. Everyone who works in Enviriq needs to feel the urge to work for our mission — no exceptions.

Invest in the clients

The other key is to inspire and motivate our clients into picking us. For every customer contract, we donate an agreed sum of money to charity — in the customer's name. The customer will both get their premises cleaned and money donated to charity in their name. The challenge here is not to let the charity affect the price for the customer. In other words, we can't increase the price to more than what our quality of work is worth. The customer should only pay for high quality, not for charity. It is our economy that gets affected. So how do we turn it into profitability? The answer is not to cut our expenses, as many believe, but rather the opposite — dare to invest more in the experience of our customers. Invest in better service, increased availability, and flexibility. It will lead to an increase in profitability in the long run.

Invest in the right charity

The last key is to find committed charity organizations that want to show our customers their appreciation. We have to put a lot of effort into managing the funds that are given, and we can only do that alongside the most devoted people.

It's all a symbiosis of our staff, the customer, and the charity organization. The answer is pretty simple: Increase the costs in the short term to balance the profitability in the long term, which comes from motivated staff, happy customers, and cooperative charity organizations. 

What do we do?

Currently, Enviriq Groups, is running businesses in areas such as IT, Economy & Law, and Staffing.

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