Charity of Enviriq Group



Until now we have sponsored charity in the West African country Sierra Leone as well as locally in Östergötland in Sweden.

We are a small company and as we grow we will start looking at more projects to engage ourselves in. In Sierra Leone, we have sponsored the charity organization Hope Menders in their work with building schools, public toilets, and water wells.


Hope menders

Hope Menders is a non-profit organization that works for the development and rights of women and children in Sierra Leone. The organization creates international collaborations, helps people help themselves from poverty, and integrates, inspires, and educates. 

Previous quota refugees from Sierra Leone founded the organization, a country that has been heavily affected by civil war, followed by large breakouts of Ebola. Today, the members are people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Hope Menders' geographical base is mainly in Östergötland in Sweden and in the area Mapaki in Sierra Leone. The organization believes in building sustainable and long-term relations and building sustainability one step at a time.

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