Enviriq Group consist of several companies

Enviriq Group is a group of companies with the business idea to integrate charity with entrepreneurship. All companies that are a part of Enviriq Group delivers services in their respective area of expertise and Enviriq's foundation is responsible for the charity. 

We know that our model creates satisfied customers, co-workers, and meaning for all of us working in the corporate group. We are convinced that this model, which we call the Enviriq model, belongs to the future for the new generation of company building.

What's right is right — otherwise, it goes wrong! At EnQel Bemanning we know the importance of having the right person at the right place. We offer a personal and tailor-made staffing and recruitment process where competence and person are equally important. 

Bemanning & Rekrytering

Enqel Bemanning

A comprehensive supplier of everything from support to IT solutions for your office - with us you get both expertise and personal commitment!



Why do we do what we do? 

Today, most charity organizations provide themselves through donations from individuals as well as companies. We experience that the companies donating money in Sweden are too few. We believe that the biggest reason for this is its cost. Unfortunately, it is that simple.

Today, there are many business owners who believe it isn't profitable to integrate charity into their business idea. We believe quite the opposite. In other words, we try to, from an entrepreneurial point of view, test the ancient proverb: "What you give is what you get". 

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